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Aug 31, 2009
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Dear All

I am private italian investor.

I am thinking and planning to open my Coffee Bar in NYC Manhattam.

I have already created my LLC and today I might have found the right location with high foot traffic.

Location in Midtown east - 720sf ground floor +1000sf basement. Basement will not be used at the beginning, as it depends how business will go

Opening from 7am to 8pm

Serving panini, croissants, caffe, espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, caffe' latte
everything will be authentic italian with LOCAL italian suppliers


I would like to check with you, whether below approx costs/expensives are correct, besides which would be the needed incoming

monthly cost:

monthly rent 9k
advertsing 1k
bar suppliers (food, coffee, beverages) 9k
utility 2k
insurance 1.5k
accountant and IT fees $800
Miscellaneous (rent of coffee machine, grinder) 1.8k
Employers (3x) 9k
One Time cost

Fixtures 1.2k
Decorating, Remodeling, Construction 50k
Website, advertising, promotion, menu 4k
Appliance (refrigiretors, grill, panini maker etc) 8.5

Which makes approx. $35k monthly exspensives

Based on your experiences are above numbers accurate or maybe close to it.?

I am thinking to start incoming from 2k up to 3k daily.

Suggestions, advices, encouragement ... discouragement to start?!?!

Also an investor would be great but where I can find one trustable?