Opening church coffee bar


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Jan 8, 2005
Grayslake, Illinois
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I am just beginning to investigate the possibility of opening a coffee bar in our church center. If you run one or attend a church with a coffee shop any suggestions or references you have for getting started would be greatly appreciated, (as would anyone with suggestions for a name!) Thanks.


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Sep 21, 2004
Santa Clara, CA
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I setup and managed the cafe at our Church here in San Jose. Calvary Chapel. email me and I can talk to you about some of the things that worked well and some of the pitfalls and problems. The main problem they have now that I am not there is that all the staff are volunteers and none of them take it seriously enough so the quality suffers and people just stop buying the coffee but go to starbucks instead. Even though they WANT to support the church if the drinks suck then they will not buy them no matter what. Remember that if you are SELLING them coffee they expect to get what they pay for. Don't cut corners on quality to "save" money. Make money instead of trying to save money. Run it like a business and have it return all profits to the church rather than as a personal free vending machine for the congregation.

That is my opinion anyway.