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Feb 21, 2012
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Hello Everyone,
I have posted on here before, but I am posting again to gather more opinions on my business idea. I am the owner of Merry Mug, Co. an online, retail, mug shop with fun & happy mugs for daily use! I basically saw a lot of coffee roasters & coffee shops, but no one offering coffee mugs & just specializing in that, thus my business was founded. I'm 17 & I'm funding this business all by myself, so my possibilities are limited for options, I know I should expand into travel mugs, etc. and I plan to in the future. Right now I have ceramic mugs, all creatively designed by myself and my creative director! If you have a moment, check out my website, check out my products and reply letting me know what you think! I appreciate it very much and look forward to hearing from some people! :)


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Hi Darryn

I just read this on your website:

Merry Mug, Co. is owned & operated by a young couple with a coffee addiction & a love for the happier side of life!

Care to elaborate?

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Hi Rose,
I'm 17 & my girlfriend is 16, we've been together for 2 years & we started this business early last year. We also own another business, and we're all about making things that will make people happy & make them smile. That's why we use nice vibrant colors & funny puns on all our mugs, and also is the reason behind the name "Merry Mug" :)

Our passion is providing something for people to love & people to smile because they have. Also, I love coffee & I love drinking out of different coffee mugs, but realized that there was no businesses dedicated to creating coffee mugs, so we made one! :)

Thanks for asking!

- Darryn