Opinions Please: Decaf Pouch, a Bold New Way to Decaf

Finally decided to comment............still uncertain as to how it works. Maybe it is my lack of edumacation as I only have two (2) years of university chemistry. I don't understand how the beads work, especially with the lack of chanting and/or dancing.

How is the chemical reaction initiated ? It is classified as a chemical reaction!
How is the activation energy overcome ? Is there a catalyst ?
I won't ask if the beads are ionized as the coffee would then also have to be.
It would have been an incredible product if it worked, but in my mind, it was like selling a shiney box with nothing inside. Some people might be taken with the glitter but ultimately one is disappointed when you open it
A great discussion indeed. I also think there are a lot of variables to it. I for one love caffeine.. in moderation of course! So I wouldn't be as drawn to a product like this as much as others might.
Yes, the Decaf Pouch will work and remove caffeine effectively. Inside the pouch, there are many small beads that act like magnets that can pull out caffeine from coffee through a physical process called adsorption. The caffeine molecules are attracted and held tightly to the surface of the beads, unable to escape, and the beads will remain in the pouch.
I may be wrong, but I'm not sure if there is a market for it, considering that there are so many decaffeinated options for beverages now-a-days. Plus, how would a person know if it actually removed the caffeine from the beverage
Since it's been over a year since this thread was started, I took a look at the Decafino website, and it appears that they are still in the process of developing the decaf coffee pouches.

We'll just need to wait and see how it all works out.

~ Rose