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Oct 10, 2012
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Hey fellow coffee lovers,

My name is Reece and I have recently founded an online coffee website (www.kofacoffee.com). We set out to create a better way to get our freshly roasted coffee to our customers and believe that twitter creates the best platform to do that. A little bit about how it works: First you sign up on our website with all your pertinent information (shipping address, twitter handle etc), next all you have to do is follow our "twitter form" and tweet @kofacoffee with what type of coffee, grind and roast you want. Once we receive the order we will respond to the tweet and pass the order onto our roaster, the coffee will then be freshly roasted and sent out. We charge $25 for 2lbs of coffee (which includes shipping).

A note about shipping to the U.S: We are located in Canada and did not want our coffee to sit in customs for days (Customs take especially longer with perishable products) so we have our roaster travelling across the boarder twice a month in order to ship the coffee from the U.S side of the border. This ensures that the coffee we send will be as fresh as possible and our roaster travels across twice a month (around the middle and end of each month). So if your interested and live in the U.S. keep that in mind, we won't roast your coffee until the day before we go across, so you can place it any time and not worry about it sitting around.

We currently offer 6 varieties of coffee and would really like some feedback (Both positive and negative!) so please feel free to pass along your thoughts and I hope you try us out! Follow us on twitter: twitter.com/kofacoffee