Own a coffee shop/business in Chicago? Free promo


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Apr 8, 2008
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Hi Coffee Forums,

My name is Phil, co-creator of Indylist.org. The site's purpose is to open local community's eyes (Chicago only right now) to businesses that are owned and operated by local members of the community.

The reason I post here is because the other creators and myself are coffee fanatics and we hope to keep local coffee businesses going by promoting them in a non-corporate competitive environment. This means that Bob's Coffee Shop next door to my house will come up on search results before results for Starbucks show up.

If you own coffee shop in Chicago (or even know of one you like) check out the site where you can:
-Add your name to the directory
-Add photos
-Add hours of operation
-Interact with the local community

If you do not live in Chicago, please tell me where you operate and if you think this project would be well suited for your area. Also, any suggestions for improvement are 100% welcomed!

indylist.org co-creator