Percentage of coffee drinkers at wine event

Black Dog

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May 8, 2007
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I'm being asked to set up at the Virginia Wine Festival where I can sell coffee by the bag and by the cup. The organizers want someone doing coffee since they hear every year from people who'd like a cuppa before they hit the road and for the DD's who of course won't be drinking wine.
My dilemma is that I have no idea what percentage of people will actually go for a coffee drink (just drip and iced) to get an idea of how many cups/lids/sleeves, how much water, how much coffee to roast, etc. They pull about 25,000 people through in the course of two days. I'm concerned about over or under ordering supplies. It's very costly for me as a small company to get into this but it could be worth it.
There may be a previous post which I'll search for later, just pressed for time at the moment.
Any advice from folks who've been there/done that would be greatly appreciated!
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