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Feb 13, 2006
Philadelphia, PA
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Here's a totally non-coffee related query. We're getting ready to open a 3rd shop and I feel like we spend too much money on phone/internet service--I'm looking at almost $500/month for business lines (+atm phone line) & internet for the 3 shops. Any cheaper alternative suggestions? I've thought about trying voip phone service but I'm not sure if we would save anything since we still need a phone line for the dsl.

I'm going to research this a bit but thought maybe someone else has found some cheaper alternatives. Thanks!


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Aug 21, 2006
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while not being too knowledgable with the american market, i know that there are german payment processors which are able to make card transfers ip-based which would give you the possibility to get rid of your phone lines.

if you were in germany, all you would need now is a dedicated internet connection either by cable or dsl and a voip plan, preferably a business plan that will allow you to make several simultanous calls. this should not cost you more then 60$ per location and already includes a certain amount of talk time and all the online time.

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