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Dec 2, 2005
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An attractive man, of medium age, entered a bar and sat down. Before ordering, he could not help but notice that a group of younger men, who were drinking at a nearby table, was laughing at him. It occurred to him that it was the small pink ribbon on the lapel of his jacket that the men were joking about. At first, the man did not pay them much mind, but their insistent laughter began to bother him.

He looked at one of the men directly in the eyes, then pointed his finger at the ribbon. "This?" With this gesture all the men in this table laughed openly. The man to whom he directed his look said to him, "Excuse me, friend, but we were commenting on the pretty pink ribbon on your blue jacket." Calmly, the man made a gesture to invite one of the jokers to sit down at his table. Although he was feeling quite uncomfortable, the youngest man approached and sat down.

The older man, with very calm voice said to him, "I wear this ribbon to raise awareness about Mammary Cancer. I wear it in honor of my mother."

"I see, friend. Did she die of mammary cancer?"

"She did not. She is healthy and fine. But her breasts fed me when I was a baby and they were a comfort when I was afraid or felt alone in my childhood. I am very grateful for my mother's breasts and for their health."

"I understand," the younger man replied, though not very convinced.

"I also wear this ribbon to honor my wife," continued the older man.

"And she also is well?" asked the younger man.

"Yes. Her breasts have been a source of love for both of us. With them she fed our 23-year-old beautiful daughter. I am grateful for my wife's the breasts and for their health."

"I see now," the younger man replied, "and I suppose that also you also wear the ribbon to honor your daughter."

"No," replied the older man, "It is too late for that. My daughter died of mammary cancer one month ago. She thought that she was too young to have cancer, and when she accidentally noticed a small node, she ignored it. She thought that since it was not causing inconvenience or pain, there was nothing to worry about".

Affected and embarrassed, the stranger said, "I'm sorry, sir."

"Therefore, also in memory of my daughter, I wear this small ribbon with pride. It gives me the opportunity to speak with others. When you return to home, speak with your wife, your daughters, your mother, your sisters, your friends."

"Here, have this." The man reached in his pocket and handed a small pink ribbon to the other man, who took it, looked at it and slowly raised his head.

"May I help to put on it?" the older man asked, "It encourages the women that you love to practice regular auto-examinations and medical regular breast exams."