Planning and zoning has problems with espresso drive thrus..


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Aug 25, 2004
I am located in a metropolitan area with a population of around 600,000. The area consists of a center city and is surrounded by 6 suburbs, all connected to each other (signs seperate). There are currently no drive thru espressos other than 2 coffee shops with a drive thru window. I am having trouble with the location and once I pick a location the city. I have contacted each cities planning and zoning dept. and found out that each is very difficult to get a what they determine as a temporary structure in a parking lot. I am looking for suggestions in getting over the city obstacles and what some already operating drive thru owners had to do to get started. Tboz


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Dec 3, 2004
Columbia, SC
It's what we do

That is a service that my company provides with our kiosks. I know exactly how maddening the process of zoning can be. What makes matters worse is that every town is different in their rules so advice is difficult to give without researching first local ordiances. Lastly, if I were on a zoning board and I was looking at the average drive thru offered in this industry, I would reject it too. Most look like sheds that you can buy at Home Depot. A Drive-Thru must look like a permanent structure.

Please contact us to talk about the specifics of your city.

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