Please help with Coffee, Butterflies and Pollination info

Hey, there fellow coffee aficionados....

I need your input & help, please.

I have scoured the web looking for information on specific species of butterflies that take part (albeit smaller than bees...) in the pollination of coffee plants in bloom. I found a reference to butterflies and coffee blossoms in India, however, I am really interested in knowing more about butterfly and coffee interaction within the Americas.

There are numerous web papers on the types of butterflies that inhabit a particular region of the world, say butterflies of Guatemala... but, I can't seem to find anything that really documents which type of butterflies, skippers, moths, etc ACTUALLY are drawn to the coffee blossom nectar and affect pollination.

I live in a small city in South East Florida called Coconut Creek and its claim to fame is that is known as the "Butterfly Capital of the World". As an artist, I would like to do some paintings that are inspired by these unsung heroes but would like to know which types do indeed like coffee.

Does anyone know specifics?
Names and evidence of what species in what regions?
Do you have pictures of the little creatures sitting atop a coffee blossom? That would be AWESOME!

Thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. As paintings begin, I will attach some images so you can see what your "help" resulted in.

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