PR: Sound Provisions Gourmet Suppliers Opens in Seattle!


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Feb 7, 2007
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Hi, all. I thought I''d go ahead an post our press release. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Warm regards,
Kate LaPoint, managing partner

Seattle, WA—Sound Provisions, Inc. is an all-new gourmet distribution company, supplying coffee shops, restaurants, gourmet retailers and boutique establishments with the highest quality specialty beverages and related products.

Sound Provisions, Inc. is proud to currently offer the following product lines: The Chai Company micro-brewed organic/fair trade liquid chai concentrates, Monin all-natural gourmet flavorings, Astoria espresso machines and grinders, Dr. Smoothie real fruit smoothie concentrates, Mighty Leaf whole leaf tea pouches, Guittard Chocolate sauces, Oral Fixation mints, Blendtec blenders and Voss Artesian water from Norway.

With years of experience in the specialty coffee industry, where quality and sustainability are top-of-mind issues, the owners of Sound Provisions realize that premium coffee is only one step in creating a memorable experience for consumers. And purveyors of high quality specialty coffee know that inferior products can ruin even the best beverage, no matter how well it’s crafted from seed to cup. That’s why Sound Provisions is becoming known for reliable service and exceptional products, from delicious real fruit smoothie mixes, complexly flavorful micro-brewed chai, rich and creamy chocolate sauces and natural, highly concentrated flavoring syrups to elegantly packaged, aromatic whole leaf tea pouches, hip, sexy gourmet mints, and durable, stylish beverage preparation equipment.

By doing business with Sound Provisions, one can rest assured that every product purchased has met or exceeded our exclusive standards for the ultimate quality and style.

Customers may shop online on the company’s cutting-edge, user-friendly website at or they may call 425.368.2959 (or toll-free 800.632.3134) for a complete catalog.