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Feb 7, 2006
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i am looking into purchasing a used probat L5 soon. I believe that it has been at this shop for 10 yrs. (maybe longer). It is currently used about 10-15 hrs a week roasting on the average 17 roasts a week. I know the maintenance is scheduled for every six weeks but i don't think this is strictly followed. No french or dark roasts (other than espresso) are roasted with it, so there's not much oil residue on the cooling tray or drum.

i have seen it retail new for about $17,000. 00. how much would it depreciate in ~10 yrs?

i have used it and works fine, but again, it needs some serious maintenance.



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Dec 5, 2005
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i roast on one. i´v been in Emmerich visiting company and talked to the owner to Mr. Peter von Gimborn and had posibility to ask all the questions i wanted. i was told some stories that had happened in reality during second word war where probat roaster had fallen through the floor of third store down to the ground store and it works till now.
about duration of probat roasters i was told they are built to last at least 50 yares if not 100. if the roaster you are going to buy worked -17 hours in a week and aprox. 10 yrs. i think only thing that may be wearing out could be ballbearings of a drum.

here´s e-mail for Kaffee - Technic von Gimborn GmbH in Germany:

[email protected]

it is a office of Probat company and they should have any answer to your question about Probat 5

Probat homepage is: