Puck's Hot Can


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May 6, 2005
Souther U.S.A.
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The concept is interesting, but the coffee is terrible. I read about this a month or two ago, then they turned up at the grocery store. I bought a four-pack just to say I had tried it.

For those not familiar (sorry if this has been discussed already) the chemical reaction is a cool idea, but doesn't quite get it hot enough. You push a button on the bottom of the can which releases the chemical to start a reaction. After about ten minutes, the indicator on the side turns white and you shake the drink and try to enjoy it. As I said, the concept is interest.

Then of course there is the awful stuff inside - tastes like powdered milk with a hint of chocolate flavor (VERY weak - like chocolate syrup and water) and no real coffee taste at all.

If I were Wolfgang Puck, I would NOT want my name on the can! Our cost is about $2.00 per can...not worth it.