Question about the Nouvo Simonelli two group.


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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I prefer Cimbali, I have seen a lot of machines on the market that have passed 10 year mark, and quite a few have been Cimbali's. But with all machines it requires proper maintenance, I have found it quite easy to maintain most Cimbali espresso machines.

The biggest difference I have seen on a Cimbali is the heat exchanger (inner boiler) can be swapped out if it is full of scale buildup. This is actually quite difficult on machines where the heat exchanger is built in. This is also a worst case scenario that most people try to avoid by maintaining soft water to the machine.

There are many other little differences that help shape the outcome of the espresso. My personal belief is it makes easier to work on the machine and work with the machine.