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Mar 7, 2007
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I am planning my space with my architect and I do plan roasting. Maybe not right when the store opens, but shortly thereafter. I want to make sure I have enough storage for the green beans and my other inventory. I know this is a big issue for some. I have planned for a storage room with shelving up to the ceiling. Now I know we won't be able to use all of the shelving for the 150 pound sacks. Here are my questions:

How much room do you currently have for storage (bean and otherwise) and is that sufficient or do you wish you had more?

Do you have a creative way to store the beans?
Coffee is heavy....very heavy and you probably wouldn't want to store it at great hights on shelves. it doesn't take many bags to get quite a few tons and you wouldn't want it falling on anyone.

Coffee is also difficult to handle....the sacks are like trying to lift an unconscious human who is not co-operating (except sacks don't have handy arms and legs for grabbing on to!). A few Key factors to coffee storage.

1. Coffee likes similar conditions of temperature and humidty to human beings
2. it must never get wet...I'll repeat that it must NEVER get wet.
3. Storage should be off the ground (even a few inches) and shelves should be slatted/ventilated, airflow is a good thing
4. Traps and bait for rodents should be placed to protect the coffee
5. Inspect the coffee regularily, if any sacks look mouldy/infested, dump them before it affects the rest
6. The storage area should be clean and people should not eat in there
7. Wear a mask when handling green coffee (utensils for green and roasted should never be mixed).
8. Sprays, air fresheners and strong odours of any kind should be kept away from green coffee
9. Animals should never be allowed inside the storage area (cats, dogs birds etc..)
9. Storage area should be vacuumed regularily.

Theres a starter for you :grin:
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Thanks, Izzo! I appreciate your input! I also want to make sure I have enough room. So, as long as I can put most of the stuff on shelves and have the coffee off of the ground, it sounds like a great idea.
Also check with your local ag department or health department. They may well have some specifics about how the beans are stored. In our case, they can stay in the bags but must be on skids that keep them up off the floor. Certain plastic containers are okay. But we have to keep the skids a foot away from walls. Those are the quirky things your local office can tell you.

Good luck.
we stack it form the floor to the roof..on pallets. 154 lb bags get stacked 8 to a pallet and 132 lbs bags get stacked 10 to a pallet. Each rack can hold just over a container of coffee. I think we have 6 or 7 total racks dedicated for coffee.

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Wow, Topher. I am not worthy of your storage! I was thinking of something like that, but on a smaller scale.

I have checked into the local codes, which does have some quirky things but nothing we can't work with.
He is just showing off....and even dares to show the coffee shrink wrapped, because it's not on the shelves long enough for it to cause problems.....jealous, you bet :lol:

Anne I actually did presume you had something a little more modest in mind for storage.

Europe....itty bitty cars, small houses and small spaces to store's sooo cramped.

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