Questionnaire about Costa Coffee Marketing Mix ——Product Promotion Price Place


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Oct 31, 2012
Questionnaire about Costa Coffee Marketing Mix
——Product Promotion Price Place
We are a group of students from Loughborough University business school. We are conducting a survey which constitutes a part of our marketing management research project. Subsequently, we are going to ask a few questions about your opinion about the Costa Coffee including its product price place and promotion. We sincerely hope that you can spend a few minutes on this survey, and we would definitely value your opinions. Your identity and answers are absolutely confidential.

Part I Personal Information
1) What’s your gender?
A. Male
B. Female
C. Prefer not to say
2) What’s your age?
A. 15-25
B. 25-35
C. 35-45
D. 45-55
E. 55+
F. Prefer not to say
3) What's your employment current status?
A. Student
B. Employed
C. Unemployed
D. Retired
E. Prefer not to say

Part II Costa Coffee product
4) Any new products of Costa coffee do you want?
A. Meal (pasta, rice steaks, etc.)
B. Drink (tea, juice, wine, etc.)
C. Souvenir (cups, toys, etc.)
D. Others______________________
E. no need
5) What kinds of service do you expect?
A. Totally free Wi-Fi (no time limitation)
B. Reading materials
C. Children Corner
D. Online store
E. Peripheral products (e.g. mugs & Tumblers)
F. Other (if other, please specify)

Part III Costa Coffee Promotion
6) How do you know costa coffee?
A. Mouth to mouth from friends or relatives
B. Internet
D. Radio
E. Press
F. Outlets Costa’s activities (Costa book award, COSTA EXPRESS JOINS THE TOUR OF BRITAIN etc.)
G. Other (Please specify)
7) Have you ever visited the official website of costa coffee?
A. Yes
B. No
If yes, what do you do on the website?
A. See what’s new
B. Check your balance
C. Looking for a job
D. Other (Pleas e specify)

Part IV Costa Coffee Price
8) Would you prefer to buy mugs or tumblers if you can get discount by using your own cups?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Do not care
9) What kind of payment term do you prefer?
A. Cash
B. Debit/Credit Card
C. Gift card
D. Smartphone
E. Other (if other, please specify)
10) Do you think the calculation of membership card should be modified? (E.g. 5 points per cup, not per purchase)
A. Yes
B. No
C. Do not care

Part V Costa Coffee Place
11) Is that convenient to get to a Costa Coffee?
A. Yes
B. No
If no, where do you suppose to see a Costa Coffee point-of-sale?
A. University
B. Neighbourhood
C. Others(If other, please specify)

End of survey. Thank you for your time and patience!