Quick Mill 3004 fuse keeps burning


New member
Jun 12, 2021

Recently I did a small renovation to my machine.
I replaced the steam pump, the safety thermostat, the solenoid, and the power switch
when I power on the machine and before activating the pump, the fuse burns.
I tried to disconnect the solenoid, put a new fuse, and power on again. this time the fuse did not burn.
I'm not sure what's causing the problem, mainly because the line to the solenoid is common to both the pump and the safety thermostat of the steam boiler
I could of course perform a trial and error elimination...but then I'll end up burning all my fuses :)
I have a multimeter and I'm skilled with it, but since I don't have a wiring diagram of the machine, it's a bit walking in the dark...Especially because Quick mill for some reason, are not following conventions for wire colors (line, neutral, etc)

does anyone have a wiring diagram of this machine? any idea what could be the problem?