Rancilio Classe 8 DE 3 group espresso machine for sale


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Nov 3, 2004
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This machine is less than one year old. It has been used in a high volume coffee bar, but has had regular PM, dual water filtration (water supply is filtered and additional filter at machine) and is in perfect working condition. Reason for selling is that I am replacing with a brand new machine (between our store and barista school we replace and sell machines often).


Machine info:
Rancilio Classe 8 DE - Automatic Dosing 3 Group Commercial Espresso Machine Traditional Height. All stainless body, largest heating elements in the industry, fast recovery, adjustable length steam wands, full electronic programming. Is available for purchase now, but prefer not to ship until replacement machine arrives somewhere in September. If needed, other arrangements could be made.

* Automatic dosage control.
* Multifunctional LCD display.
* Electronic boiler pressure/temperature controls.
* Independent heat exchangers.
* Electrical heating.
* Built-in volumetric pump.
* Pump pressure gauge.
* Steam pressure gauge.
* Automatic water level control.
* POD adaptable - All groups are designed to accept a special Adapter Kit for pods. The groups have a removable device which allows for the Rancilio Pod Kit to be fitted.
* Boiler Safety Valve with Water Overflow Tray – A Pressure Relief Valve Catch Tray has been added in the event the boiler over-pressurizes. This reduces the chance of excess moisture coming in contact with the electrical components.
* Portafilter Update – The new, sleek style of the Rancilio portafilters are designed with a slight downward angle for barista comfort.
* Updated drainage system allowing larger volumes of liquid to pass through by adding an expanded drain tray and a bigger drain hose.

* Low voltage (24V) operation controls.
* Color: Stainless steel.
* Measurements: 38" W x 20" D x 19" H.
* Boiler capacity: 4.2 gal.
* Voltage:230V
* Power: 6000W.
* Max cup height: 3 inches.
* Warranty: 1 year parts/ 90 days labor. Click for details.

* 1 single portafilter.
* 2 double portafilters.
* 2 steam wands (no autosteam).
* 1 hot water dispenser (programmable dosage quantity on DE model).


Shipping costs:
$200 to anywhere in the US unless purchaser would like to pick up at location.

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