Rancilio Silvia - any strange odors?


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Feb 19, 2007
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I just returned my Breville 800ESXL because it produced a really odd odor when it gets hot. After running the machine about 15 times, the odor remained. It wouldn''t have considered it a problem, but the coffee reeked! I guess something needed to cure or seal. (Many new ranges undergo a curing process - I wonder if the Breville machine required a similar process)

Now, I''m considering a Rancilio Silvia as a replacement.

I''m interested in knowing if the Silvia produces any kind of weird odors during first use?[/b]
Not that I know of.

Most of the time that odor is something getting too hot. Maybe not hot enough to melt or let off smoke, but just enough to smell bad.

The Silvia is one big solid chunk of metal, except for the plastic water tank and hoses.