<rant on> Why, Why Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jul 21, 2005
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Our new local coffee/sandwich shop serves Segafredo brand coffee. The problem is consistency. I have had 4-5 cups that were good, 4-5 cups that were contaminated with flavoured coffee, and one that tasted like maxwell house that had sat in the pot for 6 hours. I just don't get why they don't seem to care about brewing consistently good product.

At first I thought the flavoured contamination was due to pots and baskets not being rinsed after making flavoured brew. Today I realized that they grind the regular and flavoured beans in the same grinder. I assume this is the source of the contamination.

I haven't tried the espresso yet, may not bother going back. I watched a couple people including one of the owners making espresso the other day. The ground espresso beans were taken from an individual foil pack, emptied into the head with no tamping, just a little smoothing with the tamper. Didn't look good to me.. <rant off> I feel better now.

You are correct!

Sounds like a coffee house that's half @ssin it. Either they were shown how to do it or they weren't. Or who ever taught them in the first place didn't understand it either.

Yes you are supposed to have 2 bulk grinders one for flavored and one for regular coffee. Technically you should never brew flavored coffee in your regular coffee equipment because you do get contamination.

I tell my clients if they want to brew flavored coffee to brew it another machine or if they only have one coffee brewer then to use one side of their dual machine. Never brew regular coffee on that side of the machine.

Any good coffeehouse would never brew flavored coffee anyway. Flavored coffee can cause contamination on a very large scale. You never want to store any around your regular coffee. Unflavored coffee when exposed to the aroma will start to take in that flavor. Nothing like drinking Kenya AA Hazelnut!

As for the espresso............yum :grin:! If you think that you can save time by pregrinding a few days in advanced, please shut down you coffeehouse and go home! I to visited a shop that did that, except I was brave and tried it.

Now if it was served in a mug and offered to me like drip coffee I would have asked what blend it was. Along those lines it was actually really good. For espresso, it was dead. No creama, not even a ring around the edge, not a single drop! Made me want to cry. Plus it was rather frigid. The only good thing it did was make a neat spray pattern on the sidewalk right in front of the place!