Recommended Bean Distributor and Vendor(s) Needed


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Mar 12, 2007
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Hello to All,

I''ve been viewing this board as a guest for a couple of months now and have gathered so much valuable information (thanks to ALL of you!). I''ve completed, at least what believe to be the hard part, of my business plan and now need the hard numbers i.e. \"cost of goods\". To do this I need to find a bean distributor (plan to roast my own) and vendors. Like most of you we will serve muffins, danishes, etc... for breakfast; panini''s, soup, and maybe salad for lunch; In the evening we will have deserts such as cheesecake. Beverages will include coffee, espresso, specialty coffees, frozen and iced coffees. I may also include smoothies.

I live in Delaware and wanted to see if anyone has done business with a roaster and/or distributor in my area DE/PA/NJ/MD and would recommend them.

Next who would you recommend as a vendor for equipment (espresso machine, brewing, refrigerator, display fridge, etc…), paper goods (cups, lids, etc…), syrups, and smoothie ingredients, etc…?

little roastHer

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Jan 3, 2007
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east coast distributors

how is your search for distributors coming along? I'm sure you have contacted Royal Coffee in NY? For Fair trade you can check into Cooperative coffees in Amerigus, GA - I am starting my search as well...