Refurbished or New on commercial grade coffee makers?


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We have a great opportunity to get 1000 refurbished to new from the factory Brunn a 3 burner commercial grade coffee makers at a awesome price and we are thinking of given them away as part of a 1 year coffee contract.

If you were going to be apart of the program would you care about it being a refurbished machine? It comes with a 1 year swap service program so you never need to worry about the machine while your under contract. After 1 year the machine is your to keep.

is this program attractive to you? Please share your experiences or suggestions.

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Dec 12, 2011
Thomaston, CT
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I see no problem with refurbished equipment. I have purchased used Fetco and Bunn brewers, that really needed just deep cleaning.
Never had a bad heating element in a least 10 machines. Although, I do have a problem, personally , with burners on your brewing
equipment. I would advise pour over machines that brew into insulated dispensers. Fetco, Bunn, Curtiss, Grindmaster, to name a few.
Brew the coffee and get it and keep it off the burner.