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Oct 26, 2023
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@shadow745 brought up an interesting point in a response he was posting, concerning rest times between shots.

Q. Should there be a period of time that should elapse between shots? Not with the professional equipment of course, thinking more like the more popular consumer machines; like mine, a Breville Barista Express. (Or similar.)

So what do you think, does continuous pulling of shots overheat or damage the pumps or other .... stuff?


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Aug 15, 2005
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As you know it depends on the setup... typical home machine should be fine doing back/back extractions, say maybe 2 mins apart. By the time a dose is ground, weighed, etc. it likely takes most people a few mins to really get ready for the next. Most vibe pumps are 1/1 as in 1 min continuous, followed by 1 min rest. Not totally sure about a machine likes yours, but it likely flash heats the water as in no boiler to heat/recover.

A well designed machine with commercial build quality like the Silvia Pro I chose can handle anything I throw at it. Not too long ago one morning was 14 doubles needed in a relatively short period of time. The usual 6 and the other 8 were needed for some tiramisu my daughter was churning out. I didn't do all 14 continuously, but they were fairly close together and the machine/grinder kept up without a flinch. By time I flushed group for screen cleaning, ground, dosed, etc. it was about 2 mins between extractions and every one of them ended up textbook in color, texture, etc. I just kept the water tank topped off, an eye on the drip tray and just let it rip. Any decent machine designed for home use should be able to keep up with what most owners can crank out.

Several yrs ago I used the V1 Silvia (2006 model) to do 7 doubles one morning in a 20 min time frame and one needed textured milk. No PID, just temp surfing/timing every extraction and still cranked them all out with no problem.

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