Restoring Rancilio Z9 DE, need advice and manual


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Jun 29, 2007
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My name is Johan and i have recently come across an old espresso machine that i will try to restore. It´s a Rancilio Z9 DE.

I wonder if anyone have a manual for this machine? I think it needs an external rotation pump? And i will order one soon, along with some other parts.
If anyone have some experiences of this machine, or know what the most common is to fail on a machine like this, i will be happy to hear them.

Here are some pictures on the machine and how it looks inside ;) ... essomaskin

Best regards, Johan, Sweden
I contacted Rancilio North America and they will email me the parts diagram for the Z9 DE. But for the most part it has been out of production since 1978 and some specific parts are no longer available. Getting the parts diagram wasn't that easy either! 8)
Johnathon, love the sandals and white socks you were wearing for those pictures. :-D

You have to admire the way these coffee shops run their commercial machines into the ground before they sell them. The years of neglect on that machine are impressive....not the worst I have seen but impressive.

The bad doesn't look good in terms of being economical to repair, especially if some parts are difficult or impossible to maintain, which also means the use of substitute parts. You took a lot of pictures of the machine...but none of the pump and pump motor!....I hope you do have the pump and motor, if so I also expect that it is knackered as well?

Prehaps a read of this article will help :roll: ... al-machine
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Thanks for the help so far :) I didnt know that the pump was missing when i baught the machine but i got i really cheap. I have found a external rotation pump and some spare parts that i will order for about 250$. Today i will start to do some cleaning.

I am not giving up yet ;)