Roasting Temp help


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Oct 5, 2003
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I am using an ARABICA Roaster and have been very successful at Roasting very dark brown Beans setting oven temp at 475F. and roasting 5lbs of beans for 20-22 min.But I have been leary of taking the roast any futher to acheive a shiny black oily bean. The few times that I attempted this the beans seem to dry out (30 min. 475F Black and DRY) and the beans flavor was gone. Anyone with a suggestion please help me out.
Thank you... Al
When you say mean roaster right? First of all a dark roast should be done before 30 mins....way dark roasts take around 21-22 mins...if you are roasting your beans for 30 mins you are baking the coffee...start your roast at a higher temp...but if you didn't mean roaster and you did mean oven I can't help ya. :?
Are you roasting a single origin or a blend? Personally I've never roasted beans 30 minutes except when seasoning a new drum. My dark roasts are generally between 17- 18 minutes around 460-465 degrees. That's about when I achieve an oily shine. Again as Topher said, if you are using an oven, I can't help you either... :wink: