Saeco Intuita vs Jura E8


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Jun 29, 2017
I have a 1 year old Saeco Intuita in good condition, and just recently got a used Jura Capresso E8 for free. I had to buy a new brewgroup for $150 and after a couple hours of elbow grease and descaling, it works great and is all cleaned out inside. So now I have two machines, and have to decide which to keep (the other will be sold), and I'm looking for opinions.

The Saeco seems to be the smaller, simpler, lower value machine, albeit with much less features.
The Jura seems to be the larger, higher value machine with more features but also more potential for failure. I think I like the Jura's coffee more.

Which one would you guys keep if money was no object? Which one would you keep based on value? Which one do you think will require less maintenance?


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Apr 19, 2016
If You feel that Jura Impressa E8 will satisfy Your needs better than the Saeco Intuita, I could add that You are going to make a smart choice.

That's why I believe that Jura's coffee machine is a more superior coffee machine:
It is fully automatic, innovative, super easy to use coffee machine for home.
Any coffee drink can be prepared very easily.
Maintainance does not require a lot of your attention and the exclusive body will become a great detail of your kitchen interior.
Machine uses Claris water filters that guarantees the quality of the water and protects the machine’s water system from limescale. No need to program the filter after every time it’s changed because of installed RFID technology.
It has a P.E.P.© brewing unit. The main advantage of it is that in short period of time it serves hot water in pulsatory stream directly on freshly ground beans.This helps the aroma and taste of coffee to bloom.

Moreover, Jura is a well known Swiss company which is highly praised by its customers all over the world, hence the quality of Jura's coffee machines is guaranteed.

Hope that this information will help You reach the right decision. :)