The JURA GIGA 10 has two grinders, two boilers and two problems...


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At IFA 2022, JURA unveiled its new flagship model, the GIGA 10. It is the only machine in JURA's new generation of machines to use a dual boiler system. Even the Z10 has moved to a single boiler system. On the surface, it seems like the ultimate JURA machine as it maintains the dual flat ceramic grinders and dual boiler system from the previous GIGA 6, but adds the heat bypass feature from the Z10 allowing one to make iced coffees without melting the ice. It also has the spouts in the middle as opposed to on the right side, and a much larger three-part touchscreen. However, as I dove deeper and read the manual, which is already available on JURA's website, I noticed two big things JURA left out. For one, it no longer has the dual milk spout that the GIGA 6 and GIGA 5 had that allowed one to prepare two coffees with milk simultaneously. Meanwhile Philips (Saeco) offers that and a flat ceramic grinder for half, maybe even less than half the money on all of its new Xelsis and GranAroma models. The second, and more important problem, is that the GIGA 10's software does not allow one to set exact quantities of water and milk. Yes, you read that right. Every JURA machine in the past has had some way of setting these parameters, and the GIGA 10 does not. Instead it shows six different "cup size" options and, in the case of options involving milk or bypass water, sliders that select the proportions of water used for extraction and that other attribute. We have yet to see if the exact quantities can be set using the app, but for a flagship model not to allow you to set these parameters on its large touchscreen is beyond ridiculous. The machine has not been fully released yet, but hopefully users of the GIGA 10 will complain and JURA will respond with a software update.