Saeco Magic Deluxe Super Automatic Expresso Machine


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May 1, 2004
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I would like to get some advice.
I'm in the process to buy a Expresso Machine as my wife is driving me crazy about it. She love's to drink starbucks Latte or Cappucino and now I'm looking to buy it a machine for her birthday.
I'm trying to decide between the Saeco Magic Deluxe Super Automatic; Saeco Viena Super Automatic and and the Saeco Trevi Automatica.
The shippest place that I found it is at ... =C9950x002

All of them look pretty much the same but I don't know if they are good ones or not also what about AAbreecoffe is this a good place to buy it from ????

Please let me know....



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May 2, 2004
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I`m not an expert but...

I just bought the re-built Magic Deluxe from Abree and I`m pretty happy with it so far. Personally I think the whole latte love web site is more informative but I could not pass up the deal at abree.
As far as the machine, its easy to use and adjust. The video is good, manual sucks. I`ve been drunk as a junkie for the last two days trying all kinds of combos on this machine. My wife likes the bypass dozer for her whimpy coffee.
The only draw back is a little wait time for steam, but I dont use it much. The plastic body is a bit whimpy but not horrible. And for the most part, the cup warmer is worthless.
I was hoping to find someone more experienced with this machine because I wanted to know if it can be left on for a few hours in the morning or should I shut off the green button and wait the 90 seconds warm up between cups? Any info would be great, thanks.... JK


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Jun 17, 2004
Houston, TX
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The Vienna Deluxe does not have bypass doser.

The Magic Deluxe does not have the rapid steam technology that Saeco touts.

I recommend you get the Magic Deluxe from They have refurbished units for $450 right now, and they are always good quality. Their customer service and knowledge is unmatched among resellers.


It is ok to leave the machine on for a few hours. Say 3 hours max. Otherwise, turn it off. The main reason is the boiler stays heated, and this can lead to damage long term.