Saturday and a lil else


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Feb 21, 2006
Statesboro, GA
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Saturday is a coffee day definately.

Even though I work tomorrow I should be able to wake a bit earlier and enjoy a cup as I do most saturdays. I'd rather have 1 great cup than a whole pot of substandard sludge.

There is a coffee shop here that i'm waiting for. It was announced that it would be opening soon about a month ago. I don't know what I will do if they have bad coffee. I might have to school the owner if the coffee stinks

also I think its been over a week since my last cup of coffee. No particular reason just haven't been drinking very much lately.



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Oct 24, 2005
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Drink up

It's been a month. Drinking coffee yet? Probably cause it's hotter than crap in GA. Make yourself an homemade Frap or something. To not drink coffee is a sin against man, woman and bean. How's that coffee shop?

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