Searching for cup cleaning systems without water connection


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Mar 31, 2004
Kyiv, Ukraine
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We have a project to go with coffee carts or coffee kiosks into a chain of supermarkets. Selling cups of espresso and cappuccino, selling coffee and, maybe, selling coffeemakers.

We will serve in real espresso/cappuccino cups. This is the major idea to distinguish us from competitors.

The carts/kiosk will not have any running water.

1) "I like to find suppliers of sinks and tanks, maybe similar to something used in boats or trailers. The total water contained should be enough to allow the cleaning of 50 - 100 cups before having the need to replace the tank and to empty it in, for instance, a public toilet."

We also shall need the carts and kiosk. They will be placed in front of the cash counters or, in new supermarkets where we are planned to be from the beginning, somewhere within the supermarket. The customers should be able to drink their coffee standing at the cart/kiosk, i.e. some kind of bar. There should be space for 1 - 2 staff, 1 - 2 coffeemakers and the packed coffee beans to sell. We would start with a test at 5 places and then, if successfull, start with 24 - 32.

2) "I like to find suppliers of carts and kiosks (for in house use only), probably some ready-to-use solution."

Thanks to all for your assistance.