Shots of turkish coffee


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Mar 23, 2007
I made some as best I could with the tools I had at home. I wanted to try it out before buying the hand grinder and little pot to make it. I was quite surprised. It tasted really good. First time I added the teaspoon of sugar it called for, but was wayyyy to sweet. Second cup I made with no sugar at all, and it also was sweet, but perfectly so.

So now I am looking to buy the stuff to make it better. I need the little pot, the grinder to make the coffee gind as finely as possible (dust), and a little gas burner.

has anyone else tried it? If so how do you like it?


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Nov 2, 2007
WOW! My hat''s off to you if you can make good Turkish coffee!!! Simply amazing.

I''ve tried my hand at brewing \"moka\" in a stovetop aluminum moka espresso brewer but the results have always been poor.

Would you be able to post links to pictures of all the things you need to do this?

Whenever I''m at a restaurant that offers Turkish coffee, I get it. But that''s rare. I love the way the coffee solidifies if you don''t drink it fast enough!


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Mar 23, 2007
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Cook pot, shape is made to deal with frothing from boiling and keeping the grounds under control.

hand grinder. Grinds coffee to dust. The finer the better. Stardard quality mill grinder for espresso and such usually can't get the grounds this fine unless you tweak the machine.

I've heard that cooking over a flame is better than cooking over electric.

Other than that you can look up how exactly to cook it up and see videos of it on youtube. People on youtube add a lot of their own style, but i like to keep it your basic traditional turkish coffee.


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Aug 14, 2003
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I used to use the same set up for table side service at this resteraunt I used to roast for...I hated going to the table with the coleman :oops: but it tasted great!!!


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Mar 22, 2007
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I use a copper pot similar to that one pictured, makes for a huge amount of crema. To get a decent grind I just get a fine grind using a blade grinder, than use a mortar to powder it out. Obviously just a ghetto home technique lol. So flavorful, and delicious! You really have to be patient with it, it's a hard cup of coffee to make.


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Feb 23, 2009
?f you guys're looking for information about Turkish coffee, you should check out my blog. I try to put all necessary information about it. Also, I added some photo guides showing how you can brew coffee in Turkish style...

Afiyet olsun (Bon Appetite in Turkish!)