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Mar 27, 2015
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Hi, folks,

I have a YM2 that I intend to sell. I bought it for personal use, but it's just too big and heavy. I'll get some photos posted and figure out a price in the next couple days. It's in the metro Atlanta area.

I'm unsure about how to get it shipped, if needed. So if it comes to that, we'll figure it out.

Shoot me a PM if interested.

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Oh, yea. Will do. I've read the other threads and don't want to contribute to the confusion. :)
What year is the YM2? Dimensions would be great. I had one years ago and miss being able to through it in the back of my car and take it to events. Just wondering if the dimension had changed...what price are you looking for?
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One more, with photos.

True! Photos help. I'm not very familiar with the market or dating these, so I'm unsure on the year or what it's worth. Based on the pics, what would you guess on the year?

It's converted for propane, as you can see. The pressure gauge was installed to monitor reduced pressure for slowing down the temp rise on smaller batches.

I've run maybe 10-12 batches through since I bought it. I tend to use 2-2.5 lb batches to avoid tipping, which are still too large for my personal use. Hence, I want to get something smaller that I can move around more easily. I have to roll this outside to roast and don't want to setup a permanent installation.

Chaff collector included. Everything is in very good working order.

About 36" long, 19" wide, 41" tall with funnel removed.

I've seen these for sale for $5K on various sites, so I'll start there and see where it goes.



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Did you buy this new? Ambex ususally come with a face plat that has their address and year it was built. The chaff collector something you added or did it come with it?
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This one may pre-date the face plate era. I can't find a plate or any indication of where a plate may have been. The guy I bought it from drove down and took a class from Amer after he bought it. He was pretty sure that Amer made the chaff collector because he talked to him about it and learned what to do if the collection bin broke. I think I'm the 3rd owner. The piping to the collector is standard Home Depot roof vent tubing. Here are a few more photos.


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LOL...I had one of the first 5 kilos they produced...they always had a "name plate" Pissed me off at the time because they were a few miles away from my shop. It had their address as Ambex and New Harmony. New Harmony was their coffee shop. I tore that off quick! Why was I going to promote their café? Looks nice though and shouldn't last long..those do not come on the market very often.
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Say, Topher... where would the name plate be found? :) This roaster doesn't have one!

My wife and I considered keeping it and starting up a small business roasting and selling to our network of friends, ebay, etc. Decided we didn't want to take that on.
I have seen it on the front above the handle for removing the beans or on the control panel....all it had was their Name, Contact info and year it was built.
Hi BGI, do you still have this? Ha ha, I'm trying to find where to PM you, but don't think I can from my phone. That, or I'm just missing it. I'm very interested. Any interest in a possible trade for a Huky500? I'll PM you my email if I can figure out how.

Edit: Figured out how to PM. :)
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sorry I didn't post that the sale has been completed. Paperwork mentioned a couple posts up was completed.

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