SOLD: Quest M3 Stock Roaster

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Dec 30, 2012
Portland, OR
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What: Quest M3
Age: About a Year Old
Condition: Used-Excellent
Modifications: Thermocouple for BT
Price: $750 OBO
Ships from: Seattle Area (will need to provide a quote on shipping to you)

I have used my Quest M3 for almost exactly one year and am selling it and purchasing a 1LB San Franciscan. Dream come true for me there. As such, I do not need the Quest. This is the newer model that shipped from Coffee Shrub and will include:
  • All original parts (cooling tray, analog thermometer, stir stick, little measuring cup)
  • a Type-J Thermocouple without the digital thermometer (I can toss in a very crappy digital thermometer for free if you want it)

Drum was seasoned using past crop Sumatra and has seen personal use and use as a sample roaster for QA/QC. Not very heavy wear and I clean it properly. I'll give it another scrubbing prior to confirming sale. Please send me a message if you're interested.
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