SOLD: Quest M3s (2017) Roaster setup

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Jul 19, 2018
Rockville, MD
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I have a Quest M3s electric roaster for sale. I purchased the Quest M3s new from in September 2017 and added 2 k-type probes (ET, BT) hooked to Amprobe TMD-56 for data logging with Artisan (running on MacOS 10.3.6). I also made a vented bench (see picture), where the dropped coffee cooled down for less than 1 minute and you do not need to put the pan at the top of the Roaster for cooling the beans. The exhaust system removes smoke very successfully, so i used to roast back to back 10 batches in my office and there was almost no smoke in the room. The typical batch size is 220g.
The roaster is in a great shape, in and out, I had absolutely no problems with it. I roasted for my family only, may be around 50 lbs total.

I prefer to sell it as a setup, which includes:

  • Roaster Quest M3s with standard accessories (pan, measuring cup, alien wrench, brush, spatula, paperwork, original packaging)
  • Special funnel for charging beans
  • 2 k-type probes (from Sweetmarias, mounted for ET and BT measurements)
  • Amprobe TMD-56 digital thermometer (for data logging with Artisan)
  • Vented bench
  • iPower 4" 190 cfm duct inline fan with duct
  • Kill-a-watt power monitor for accurate control of the roasting power

I spent around 1800$ on this setup, and asking for $1300. Selling it only because I purchased a larger size roaster. I prefer selling it locally, however shipping in 2 packages is also possible.


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