Sold: Huky 500 T with Chaff Collector and Rolling Cart

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Dec 10, 2019
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I am selling my beloved Huky with a custom chaff collection setup and rolling cart to upgrade to a 1 kg roaster due to increased demand for coffee (a good problem to have!).

Always struggle with pictures on this site, so please see the CL or HB ad with pictures:

I spent quite a bit of time putting this together after a generous member of HB gave me the chaff collector for free. This thing works like a charm and eliminates the most common complaint from Huky owners - having to empty the chaff collector after every batch. I've roasted about 100 batches after putting the chaff collector setup together and haven't had to empty the bucket yet. Before that, I roasted about 50 batches, so ~150 total. I have taken great care of this setup, as I never planned on upgrading until recently. This little beast has never let me down no matter how long of a roasting session I send its way.

This is a perforated drum version Huky with dual fans, a phidget to connect to Artisan with the BT and MET probes, a temperature gauge in the ET hole, the IR burner, and a nearly full propane tank. You can purchase an additional probe to replace the temperature gauge in the ET hole if desired.

For now, I am only considering selling the entire thing as a package deal - the cart with the chaff collection cyclone/bucket and the Huky with everything you need to get started roasting the minute you get home. The setup is too awesome to part out, and is very enjoyable to roast on compared to having to empty the chaff after every batch. If I don't have any luck selling it as built, I will consider selling the Huky as they usually come.

I will ship it if needed at your cost. I can use the cart as a large box, package the Huky into its original box, and put it on the lower shelf to ship it off. Estimating that would cost somewhere around $250.
Feel free to ask any questions you have, and if you would like to roast a batch on it to see it in action, I'm happy to show you how I roast with it.


I'm in Golden, CO
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