Solved bottomless issues by using a Portafilter screen for top and paper for bottom


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Apr 6, 2014
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Despite using the WDT extensively I never had good results with a bottomless Portafilter. My machine is an old Saeco Classico but it still works. But I always suspected the water flow on it wasn't good. The center of the puck is always depressed more than the rest. Adding a Portafilter screen and paper filter seems to have fixed the problem. Shots now don't squirt but come through center of the Portafilter. I suspect high end machines don't have this problem but the Screen really fixed the problem for me.
By far the best thing to do is maximize what you have in front of you and I've had great/consistent results from many lower tier machines over the years. If you figure out the best overall combo for brew temp/pressure and flow rate for a particular coffee you will be rewarded and this can be done on pretty much any machine out there.

I know there's lot of buzz lately with screens/filters and most likely don't know it's far from a new idea as that was being experimented with quite a few yrs ago. I never bothered with it as no doubt paper filters will remove some of the natural soluble/oil in the coffee leading to a thinner extraction, which I don't want. Actually seek heavy texture as much as flavor... to each their own and do what works though.