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Jan 3, 2004
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i am seriously considering opening up a coffee cart. so what would be the key factors in determining a great location? also, when the perfect location is found, do i simply contact the property owner or manager and try to negotiate some kind of rental agreement - and if this is the case, what is a fair price to pay per month? any help would be MUCH appreciated. thanks.
Dec 24, 2003
Victoria, BC
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Some key factors in determining a great location would be:
- How much traffic does that area get? (human and vehicle)
- Is this location busy all year round?
- What are the profiles of the passing customers?
- What stores are around?
- Is your cart visible and not easily missed?
- What hours are you allowed to be open
- etc etc.

Yes, once you find a location you like, you contact the property manager to discuss the price. A fair price will be determined after you do some number crunching to see if it's worth it and if it is profitable with the rate asked. Also, you can ask around to other places that have carts to see what the going rate is. From my experience, cart rates are charged weekly so you will not loose much if you want to test it out for a week, provided you will not have to invest much for a cart and already have inventory.

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Oct 19, 2003
Seattle,Washington USA
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Hi CobraKhai:

Thinking is just the beginning. Do your homework first. If you're commited to spend the time in accomplishing this, then you will no doubt have a better chance at being successful :lol:

I have an old saying, "Are you a dreamer or dream maker?" Dreaming is great, but nothing happens until you make it happen. There is no magic book with all of the answers. Just your desire to succeed. Don't jump the gun, visit some places first and ask owners questions. Be up front and let them know that you don't plan to open in their immediate area. Observe their operation for a couple of days, even become their customer for a short time while you're collecting valuable information about how they do business. Use this as your model. If you don't like what they are doing, then visit someone else.

After this phase has been completed, then you'll have a better idea what this business intales. Then you can make a decision based on what you've learned. This business can be very profitable if planned and operated correctly.

With that being said visit our site and print out our FREE catalog. This will give you an idea how to get started. If you have further questions call or email me directly.