Sooo You Like Coffee??


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Nov 1, 2007
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Hey everyone I wanted to start a small thread just to find out what your number one reason for lovin our drink of choice is??? I know it''s a little corny but O WELL :)

yours truly,
I'd probably have to say that it began as a love for the community, atmosphere and converstations that derived from sitting down with a cup of coffee. Now I'd have to admit that it is more of a personal love for the taste and the depth that goes into producing the art.

I guess that's more like 3 or 4...sorry:-/
My cup of straight esspresso is my cigarrete. It calms me down, and lets me think. It's hard to explain, I don't do it for the caffeine anymore since it hardly does anything to me at this point, but I just get this indescribable peace.