Spearmint Coffee


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Sep 22, 2008
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Today I was fooling around with my cheap little $19.99 coffee maker and some extraneous ingredients.
I''ve had a bit of a cold recently and decided that minty was good. Minty coffee would be better.

So after brewing a bit of generic Folgers coffee in my humble coffee pot, I began searching the dorms for some form of mint, not in the condition to make the trip to the nearest store. After getting my hands on some Altoids (spearmint, which was perfect), York chocolate mints, and even some cough drops, I set to work. I toyed around a bit with some absolutely grotesque mixtures until finally I realized the problem. Mint alone is not typically known as a tasty treat. What the coffee was missing was sugar.

After a lot of mixing and tasting, I finally came up with some thing decent. My room mate doesn''t like coffee, but I had him try it and he asked me to make another mug of the stuff. Everyone has a different taste, but I think it''s delicious.

Here''s the recipe:

2 cups of already-brewed coffee.
1/2 cup of milk.
8 Altoids, Spearmint.
1/2 of a large york chocolate mint. (I''m guessing that''d be around 1.5 of the fun size bars)
1/8 of a full-size Hershey''s bar, shaved.
Lots, and lots of sugar.

Cut the York mints cut into pieces small enough to be melted into the coffee.
Add as much sugar as you usually like in your coffee.
Poor in the coffee and stir until the York mints have dissolved.
Crush the Altoids (I used a bowl) and add in the Altoids and stir until they''re gone.
Taste. It should be bitter and not very pleasing.
Guess how much more sugar you should add, and double it.
Even with this much suher, the drink will retain both it''s coffee and mint flavors.

I''ve still got a bit of a cold, but it sure is easier to get by when I have this stuff next to me.
Let me know what you think.
Hello "SoverMind"

That was quite an interesting experiment. I'm glad you came up with something you liked.

I've known people who add a shot of chocolate mint syrup to their drip coffee or espresso. Your creation seems to be kinda like that (only much more creative).

I hope you're feeling better today.