Splendid Espresso Blend!!!


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Oct 21, 2004
shadow745 said:
Well I'm about 1.5 weeks into the Toscano and am loving it. When I first received it the beans had only sat for a day or so. So way, way too fresh to say the least. Had boatloads of crema that went flat really fast. Awesome nonetheless. Any good beans usually take 4-5 days to degas a bit before dialing them in right. Well Toscano delivers once again. Outstanding flavor and texture. The flavor is really rich with notes I haven't tasted in any other blend and very heavily bodied. The texture is buttery-like, being very thick and syrupy. All I can say is that any true espresso lover has to try this blend.

I've been a big fan of Black Cat for almost 2 years and have tried other blends. Nothing I've tried yet comes close to Toscano. I'm sure CCC has other great blends and single origins, but once I lock onto something I like I don't change often. Later!

I love their Espresso La Forza but plan to try their others as well. When you talk about degas, does this happen when you break the seal on the bag?


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
Degas means that the beans give off CO2, which is the norm for any fresh roasted bean(s). Cutting the top off the bag shouldn't change anything, as any good roaster packs the beans in bags equipped with one-way valves. This lets the CO2 to escape without letting oxygen in. If you cut a bag and you hear a hiss, then that bag is vaccum packed.

Anyway, once I open a bag I roll up the remaining beans in the bag they came it to let all the air out, then put that bag in a canister and remove any remaining air with a FoodSaver device. That's the best way I've found for storage. Even with that extra measure most roasts won't last over 3-4 weeks without going South. Later!


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Sep 17, 2008
I was pretty disappointed when counterculture told me they won’t distribute to anyone too far away (like myself). They said they won’t distribute to anyone they can’t support locally. I definitely respect that but it kind of sucks for me!
I still ordered their three espresso blends... for market research. . . : )