Starbucks...Now Mickey D's...


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Oct 11, 2006
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I stopped by Mac Donald's to get a burger and noticed that they now sell fruit smoothies for $2.49. Has this had an impact on anyone's business? I know the only reason they can sell their products for such a low price is because they are guaranteed to buy in HUGE quantities; and to be honest, people now-a-days want a cheaper price and could really care less about the quality of the bean, roast, or creama. So my question is this: Has anyone gotten their suppliers to reduce costs so that we can compete with the lower prices?


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Our local McDonalds haven't started smoothies, but I'd say it will be like their McCafe, a lousy attempt at doing something great for low bucks. We operate our mobile espresso van business within 2-3 miles of the local McD's and actually have pulled quite a few daily customers from them simply because of superior drink quality as well as customer service. They don't mind paying a bit more because of the difference in taste, texture and what we make actually has espresso in it, not just a "hint of coffee" as commercials lead you to believe. We recently tried their attempt at the blended drinks (choc and caramel McCrappes) and both were incredibly sweet, gritty in texture and tasted artifically flavored. Only human touch was the whipped cream and "decadent drizzle" on top.

I hope the local McD's do whip out the smoothies as that will be yet another thing we blow them away on.

No we haven't lowered any prices because of them or anybody else. Simply refuse to do that to attract more people. Our prices are what they are. AND for the few that have questioned pricing I suggest they take a sip of what they ordered... then tell them if they don't truly like it it's free. Haven't given away any drinks yet. Later!