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Feb 11, 2005
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I need some advice on numbers for a start-up inventory. I'm estimating foot traffic to be around 75 to 100+ people per day.
How much/many do I need...
pounds of whole bean coffee (decaf, regular, espresso)?
gallons of milk (per day)?


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Aug 13, 2004
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opening supplies

Come on Gallons per day? Make a trip to the store. :roll: For everything else.

Milk Steaming Pitchers: 1- 40 oz. VEV; 2-32 oz Latte Art; 3 -20 oz..
2 Mini Thermometer/clip
1 Thermal Carafe .7 litre
6 Demitasse Cups/saucers - should have even if no dishwasher -not for drive-thrus
8 7 oz. Cappuccino Cups/saucers - should have even if no dishwasher - not for drive-thrus
1 Puro Caffe cleaner (powder)
1 case Guittard Dark Chocolate syrup with pump
1 case Guittard White Chocolate with pump
6 Syrup bottle pumps
Other brands of syrups can be used as alternatives
4 10x14 black or brown serving trays
4 glass sugar dispensers w/stainless tops
q 1 box cocktail straw Black
q 1 box of wrapped straws – Giant black
q 1 box forks black
q 1 box of small wax papers
q 1 box cocktail napkins white
2 stainless tongs for pastries

6 long ice tea spoons
2 Plastic water pitchers with lids
1 bunch of paper bags for pastry to take out
2 "anti-fatigue" rubber mats (3x5 or longer) for behind the counter
1 ice scoops (medium size to fit cups)
1 mop with mop wringer/bucket
1 broom with scoop
2- 10 gallon (or so) plastic container with lid for granulated sugar & regular coffee
2 plastic half gallon water pitchers
q Hot Cups (Without java jackets
q 1 case 12 oz hot cups & "dome lids" Dixie "Perfect Touch"
q 1 case 16 oz.cups & lids "dome lids" (same as above)
q 1 case 20 """"""
q Cold Cups
q 1 case 12- 14 oz see thru cold cup & lids by "Solo" or Dixie ONLY !!!!!
q 1 " 16-18 oz "
q 1 20 oz
30 lbs of espresso coffee
5 lbs of decaf espresso "
1 case of portion pack 3.5 oz coffee packets #835040
q 8 gallons 2%
Need whole, skim, and soy
3 cans 16oz whip cream
2 qts. of half & half
q 10 lbs of sugar & 1 box sweetener (sweet & low)

Assorted tea bags from Stash with display rack
1 case of Oregon Chai
1 case each of strawberry and tropical mango Dr. Smoothie smoothie mix -
Flavored syrups: Make sure you have pumps. Dolce, Monin, Sterling, or DeVinci:
6 bottles of Vanilla, 4 Raspberry ,6 Carmel, 2 Hazelnut, 2 Almond


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Apr 22, 2005
Fayetteville, GA
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::studies earlier reply::

I'll have to take some notes, there, as I'm still working on getting my equipment together and I think there's some stuff in there that I didn't think of...

Personally, the way I figured out how much coffee I'd need a week was to figure out how much it would take to make for the most expensive beverage, how much for the least expensive beverage, average the two, and multiply that by my estimated sales per day. That gave me the amount of coffee I'd use each day, and I divided that out by the 5 lb bags required by the supplier we've picked so I'd know how many cases to get for the first month.

Anyone with more experience got a better idea? I'm all ears. :D