Staying organized and on the ball


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Sep 17, 2008
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So I am looking for some advice from the seasoned coffee shop owners. We (sunrise coffee las vegas) have been open now for about 7-8 months. After month 6 we seem to be out of the "bleeding" mode and we have finally got some staff trained up but I have a problem.. My office is a disaster. And not just literally my office.

What are some things you people do to keep yourselves on track as far as paperwork, payroll, inventory and receipts go. I’ve tried a few small things that only seem to work temporarily being that my attention span is pretty short and constricted to things and problems directly in front of me.

Any resources on keeping your business organized? I know this may seem a bit vague but I’m also sure that most of you in the beginning of your operations have had similar problems. What did you do to fix it?

I am trying to go from full time barista to actually running the business and I seem to be having some adjustment problems.
At the minimum, I think you should consider using excel spreadsheet to record your daily sales and expenses. You can also use it for inventory control purposes.