steamer questions?


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Jan 5, 2007
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I'm interested in purchasing a milk steamer. I really only drink lattes and don't really care for the foam cap.

What I'm trying to find is something that will give me the thickening of the heated milk. I have a cheapo little battery operated frother but all I get is a ton of froth and a layer of plain old milk under it.

Do the stovetop steamers work? I really have no interest in purchasing an espresso machine. I usually just make double-strength coffee with (*gasp*, I know) the Senseo. I know this may sound ghastly to most of you but I typically just make myself (or try to) a latte after everyone is in bed at night so I don't want to have to fuss too much.

Do the plunger types of frothers work better? I'm trying to get the thicker, sweeter effect from the milk...

Also, do any retail stores carry any type of steamers? I really don't want to order this item online and would like to see it first.