Strange Setup...


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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A local brewery/restaurant recently decided to open a small coffeeshop alongside their store. A place you can buy all sorts of coffee, pastries, etc... I recently took a peek at it because of their recent advertising for their specialty drinks. What did I see??? A very high end Fetco drip brewing system, maybe in the $4-5K range total. What was next to it to crank out these specialty drinks? A Rancilio Silvia/Rocky combo. I just don't get it.... Now they may specialize in drip, but they were obviously cutting corners a bit when they bought that espresso setup. AND space wasn't a concern based on my observation. Now some of you may think maybe they are starting small on the espresso side to see how well it does, then go higher up on the equipment, but in that situation I say why bother... Wait till they get 8-10 customers lined up and see how fast that little Silvia gives out under that workload...

A customer of ours did go there awhile back and swore it took the barista a minimum of 20 mins. to make her 1 large mocha... 20 mins!!! Funny that she works right next door to them and won't go back... Just thought I'd throw this out there for some to get a kick out of. Whatever!