Sugar Free Vanilla Smoothie mix


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Feb 21, 2005
Kennewick, WA
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I need help! I am trying to locate a company that makes a sugar free vanilla smoothie mix or a recipe where I can make my own. If anyone knows of a company, please let me know. Or better yet, if someone has a recipe or a suggestion for making a SF smoothie, let me know.


Jo :)


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Jun 29, 2004
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No Sugar Added verses Sugar Free

I use Big Train products and love them but be aware that there are 2 types available now - one that is no sugar added - but it still has sugar and carbs. They also have a low carb vanilla latte blended mix that has I think 2 net carbs, but still has sugar alcohols. One of my daily clients has a 5 yr old who is diabetic, and she said that the alcohols are still bad for diabetics. So I guess I'm just saying to check it all out. I love the BT low carb mix and they also have mocha - and will soon have caramel.