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Apr 28, 2007
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Hi everybody,

For a long time, I favored a black Sumatra kind of bean and a few months ago, I discovered the Starbucks French Roast, which truly impressed me. Its strong lingering taste with a touch of burnt flavor makes it my current favorite. :)

Got any suggestions for someone with such tastes?
Well, you do not say where you are or how you brew your coffee, but this should start some conversation and give you a few ideas for starters.
Since you like Sumatran, try other bold coffees from Indonesia - like Java, Celebes Kalossi. or Timor. Papua New Guinea coffee may also be interesting for you. Sumatra has a few distinctive growing regions and a variety of preparation and roaster influenced cup characteristics could maintain your interest in comparing Sumatran coffees from different roasters.
You may also appreciate other bold tasting coffees like Ethiopian Harrar and Yemen Mattari, typically dry-prep coffees have a wilder, fruity characteristic that stands up well to dark roasting.
Peet's does a good job with dark roasts, and they buy nice Sumatra coffees.
Many roasters do pretty well with espresso blends - not always as dark as the coffees you described, but often full bodied. Try Intelligentsia's Black Cat or Zoka's Palladino for a couple interesting and different styles.
:grin: Fresh roasted coffee tastes better, so buy direct and buy whole bean!
I have converted a lot of Starbucks customers with my Latte Style Espresso blend and have added another dark French Roast just for the Starbucks lovers. There are lot's of us roasters on this forum and on the internet. Buy fresh roasted direct from a roaster and you won't regret it!

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