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Mar 17, 2017
Good morning everyone,

New to the forum and not so new to the warm deliciousness we call coffee. We currently have a Ninja Coffee Bar and use a local grocery store chain coffee. It's already ground and not what I would consider "cheap coffee". We usually brew a full pot at a time using 5-6 tablespoons of coffee on the "rich brew" setting and we like the finished product. We stumbled onto the SCAA website and saw their list of recommended brewers and have read a lot of wonderful reviews about the Technivorm Mochamaster. While I agree that the Ninja brand is just a marketing name and the actual coffee maker is mass produced along with several other coffee makers with the same internals and different housing, I have to ask will the coffee taste any different from the Technivorm? I was hoping to find someone who has used both to give their opinion on the differences.

I will have to say regardless if we make a purchase before or after the Ninja dies our next coffee brewer will be the Technivorm.

Thank you for any input.



Apr 29, 2014
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Technivorm is made in Netherland and Ninja is Made in China.

That is one of the biggest reason for TV being much expensive. Labor cost in Netherland must be at least 5 times more expensive than China. And probably they are being "hand-made", not machine-made in "assembly-line" like most of China factory case.
I know this kind of product line very well because I am working with an Electronic factory in ZhongShan, China (one of 3 jobs that I have, ha ha ha) and also used to work in USA electronic company for past 25 years.

However, I am not so sure whether ALL THE COMPONENTS are also made in Netherland. A lot of cases, they import components from China or any other countries and "Assemble" in Netherland and call it "Made in Netherland". (of course, certain % of components must be made in Netherland to be called "Made in Netherland" for entire product. I do not know exactly how many % on this case)

Secondly, TV is famous for delivering hot water (195F to 205F) from the beginning and continue the same temp until it is finished. This is extremely important because a lot of "normal" drip coffee brewers deliver much lower temp (150F to 160F) at the beginning and slowly it gets to ideal temp and brewing time is much longer than TV model.
Technivorm can finish brewing the coffee within 6 min into thermal carafe which keep it warm for many hours. thermal carafe is way better than normal glass container because longer you leave the glass on top of the hot surface, worse the coffee will taste.

Third, there is a feature that you can shut the filter basket off to Bloom the coffee (like the pour over) and after a min of blooming, then you can release the switch to let the coffee go thru into carafe.

I believe that Technivorm will last you many years. It is made better than Ninja and specially, it will emulate "pour over"method as closely as a drip coffee machine can.

hopefully this helps.


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Jun 25, 2014
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Technivorm will very likely produce a better cup for a couple of reasons.

The first, as Esoluna noted, is temperature. The Technivorm brews hotter and faster than most machines. I get 6 4 oz cups in 3 minutes every morning. The second is turbulence. When the heating elements are clean, the TV jets water into the grounds providing better extraction. If you are using hard water, you'll notice this slowly decrease as the copper heating elements become covered with scale and then dramatically increase after you descale them. The TV also mixes coffee slightly better by channeling the flow underneath the surface of the decanter. It's a small thing, but discernable in the cup. Lastly, the Technivorm is terrifically easy to clean. This is huge. Rancid oil build up has probably ruined more coffee than coffee bean borer. At home, I rinse and dry the decanter and basket in about 30 seconds every morning. At work, we use a 1.8 liter brewer and all of the parts go into the dishwasher every night.

Get a Baratza grinder, whole bean coffee, and a Technivorm and your coffee life will probably be greatly improved.

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