Testing FF! X5 pressure


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Oct 4, 2005
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I've got a FrancisFrancis! X5 espresso machine. Unfortunately, it only produces a thin trickle of espresso. When I run the machine without a filter it only produces 4 weak streams of water from the brewhead. The pressure from the steam wand, however, appears to be strong.

I've decalcified it thoroughly, allowing the solution to sit in the machine for a while. I've adjusted my espresso grind to be a little coarser. And I use a scale to ensure I only apply 30 pounds of tamping pressure.

Is there a way to guesstimate the pressure produced from the brewhead? Obviously, I don't have a portafilter with a pressure gauge. Is there a way to dissassemble it and clean things directly. Has anyone with a similar problem found a solution?

Thanks for your help.
The symptons lead me to believe that you are grinding your coffee too fine. The " trickle" is " normal" with out somthing to press against the is no pressure; Just a trickle. How did grinding it corser affect the espresso production. Do you have a local espresso place? or roaster? If so I would ask them for help. Any professional wouuld be happy to assist and should be happy you asked for help. Also because they could help locally.